Mixed Tocopherol Concentrate powder 300mg/gram Low Alpha Standard and Non-GMO

Vernon Walden manufactures a “low alpha” type natural mixed tocopherol powder, the starting oil derived from a variety of natural vegetable oils.  Mixed tocopherol oils contain a mixture of the 4 Tocopherol isomers, that vary depending on the source but in all cases Delta and Gamma Tocopherol isomer levels are significantly higher than Alpha.  Natural Vitamin E producers purify these mixed tocopherols and then convert non-Alpha isomers to Alpha to offer Natural Vitamin E oil which meet the compendia purity levels of 95%.

There is of course well established nutritional value and consumer awareness for Vitamin E, but there has been increasing attention and research into the separate and often synergistic benefits of Delta and Gama Tocopherols.  In vivo research indicates strong benefits with Gamma tocopherol consumption in human health in areas of Cardiac health, inflammation suppression, and antioxidant properties related to the Mediterranean diet, among others.  Furthermore, studies clearly show a synergistic benefit to ingesting Gamma and Alpha tocopherols in combination, but only when Gamma levels are higher than alpha levels; when Alpha levels are higher than Gamma, alpha tocopherol blocks absorption of Gamma tocopherol preventing uptake thereby inhibiting the benefits of Gamma tocopherol.

Of further concern is that in vitro studies show that while lower levels of Alpha tocopherol act as an antioxidant, as levels increase Alpha tocopherol acts as a pro-oxidant, which is contrary to studies done on delta and gamma Tocopherols where increasing inclusion results in greater suppression of oxidation.  This combined with the fact that benefits seen with higher dietary consumption of tocopherols which naturally contain lower alpha levels are not always validated in studies on supplementing with Alpha tocopherols should encourage formulators to reformulate their products containing tocopherols to a low Alpha mixed tocopherol product, while marketing the fact that these mixtures are more similar to what nature provides through dietary consumption of tocopherols.